My Cultural Fibre Supplement

Like any good diet, the information diet works best if you think about it not as denying yourself information, but as consuming more of the right stuff and developing healthy habits.
— Clay Johnson, author of The Information Diet (via Brain Pickings)

As an English and marketing student, I am constantly consuming culture. It occurred to me that my lack of conscious intake of culture and information is as bad as not chewing while eating. This lack is the abysmal absence of critical analysis and selective choices on the things that make up my lifestyle.

I am a digital junkie and a multi-tasker. I trudge through useless and useful information daily. I listen to at least one new album a week and I occasionally go to art exhibits. Where is the healthy output of all this intake? As someone that studies written works and the art of consumerism, it's fitting that I find time to reflect and extract the significance in cultural productions that I have spent an ample amount of time on. 

So, cheers to slowing down my compulsive overconsumption of culture. And cheers to a new space for musings and experiments.